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        Claims Service

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        Medical Bill Submission and Processing


        Healthcare Providers: Submit Medical Bills to Us

        Workers' Compensation

        Personal Injury Protection

        New Jersey

        MI, NY, OR and PA

        Fulfilling the insurance promise

        We are in the business of helping policyholders recover financially after a loss. We look for coverage, not exceptions, when paying claims. You’ll appreciate the prompt and personal service our local claims representatives deliver to help you get back on track.

        We continuously strengthen service by offering agents and policyholders a stronger local presence, unparalleled claims service, and competitive insurance products for your business, home, auto and life insurance needs.

        It was a great comfort to my wife and I to know that our claims representative was there to see that nothing fell through the cracks.

        Report Your Claim 

        You may call us directly, 877-242-2544, to report your claim and provide us with your claim-related information. You may also contact your independent agent to report a claim.

        Log in to Report or View a Claim
        Log in to report or view a claim, if you have a personal lines online account. If not, you can register to create an account.

        To report a workers’ compensation claim, please call Cincinnati Insurance directly, any time day or night, 877-242-2544. Please have claim-related information ready so our associates can expedite your claim.

        Please contact us directly at 888-212-6970, 7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, to report an annuity, life insurance or disability income insurance claim. Please have your policy number ready so our associates can expedite your claim.

        When the only damages to your vehicle are to the glass components (windshield, side windows, rear window or sunroof) you can call 877-588-4527 to report your claim and schedule the repair or replacement services.

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